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ELSA Dresden Law School
09/01/2019 - 08/09/2019
- "Intellectual Property – a(n) (un)justified monopoly?"
The ELSA Dresden Law School: “Intellectual Property – a(n) (un)justified monopoly?” will take place in the venerable Saxony residential city Dresden.
Because of its significant buildings and art collections the city is also called "Elbflorenz", "Florence of the north" or "Florence at the Elbe".

The history of Dresden is more then eventful. Most of the city was destroyed during the 2nd World War and it was restored to close to its original splendour less than 25 years ago. Also various leading figures were born and have worked in Dresden. Especially because of its appealing surroundings Dresden became one of Germany's most attractive tourist and vacation destinations.

Dresden is a place, which provides ample entertainment. The streets of Dresden Neustadt (Newtown) offer a vast number of Clubs and Bars, which won't leave your wallet too hungry, even if you party all night long. The colourful walls and the delightful cafés will ensure an uplifting stay.

During your time in Dresden you will explore all of its fascinating sites and also the beautiful landscape around Dresden. There is a trip to the Saxon Switzerland National Park planned, which will take your breath away.

So come along and get close to the action from the 1st – 8th of September 2019 ./images/smileys/smile.png